Barbie Extra – Extra (oh My Wow) Lyrics

Barbie Extra
Two, three, come on.
We got the looks and we sing the big hooks,
So you’re gonna wanna walk this way.
Dressed to the max when we raid the clothes racks
for a look that’s fit to slay.
Hit that.
Heat, when it comes to fashion, we get that EXTRA action.
More is more, to the max–
Pump it up. Pump it up.
Let’s go.
We do it well.
Express yourself.
Be EXTRA and then we drop ’em with our style.

My friends so stacked.
We don’t hold back, back.
And we walk like it’s the runway, I’m like oh my wow.
Got that swag when she walks.
Got that sass when she talks.
She’s so, so, so extra, baby.
Boom, bang, pow.
See that ring.
Make it sing.
She’s so bling, bling, bling.
Run that.
Baby, run that.
Oh my wow.
I’m a superstar like oh my wow.
Get it.
Get it.
Get it.
Oh my wow.
Run that.

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