Dc The Midi Alien – Another Hundred Days In Lyrics

*Do you feel people are hopeful that Obama will make a difference?*

*People are desperate and they are fearful. And they’ll hang on to anything. Let’s look at the facts. A man of change, who did he bring into Washington? You know they say by their deeds you shall know them. Let’s look at his Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner, former Robert Rubin from the Clinton administration, the former president of the New York Federal Reserve Bank. Change? How about Larry Summers, the former Clinton Secretary of Treasury? I never remember a newly elected president bringing in basically the national security team from the last administration who happen to be from another party. The only thing that they know how to do is not to get their finger nails dirty. Change?*

[Verse 1: Trademarc]
Another hundred days in, I’m dazed and confused
This lack of opposing views and slogan [?]
To get elected, if only been neglected or slowly fused
It’s Bush resurrected, he looms in the spirit of Obama
Consumed by the spirit of Osama
But calm as a bitch, [?] drama
And hope’s just a four-letter word, it’s a verb
Some hippy turned upside down and back around
To a proper noun, it’s absurd
Blurred by Wikipedia, slurred by wicked media clowns, while
News revives the [?], surprised while we listen, news anchors so smitten
When the president talks of new anchors hitting bottom of
Middle Eastern borders in neutral waters there’s battleships, dark
We dress up our liars in politicians are tired of being admired
Loaded [?]
Mass-produced the mass seduced by puppets in suits
Let loose, then you welcome the news
So you got no excuse to complain about the abuse

All we hear’s Obama sweet talking peace talks
Taking soldiers out of Iraq and send ’em right back to restock
We armed, recon be on Afghanistan
We on the front-page, paparazzi tarnished, looking neo-Nazi
We on the hot seat
Patriot Acts have been extended, promptly
Guantanamo has only been suspended, freedom of speech amended
[?] indoctrines descended from toxins and rendered in hues
Blood-red, moved by judge, dread enforced by thugs bred
Brownshirt youth, kill trust, love and liberty
And anything within the constitution of vicinity
Lies, still and kills the holy trinity

[Hook: Trademarc]
[?] Geronimo, yeah
Drop ’em all in Guantanamo
Bush to Barack, lock em’ up and ship ’em off to a rock
We don’t need ’em to strip down freedom
[?] Geronimo, yeah
Drop ’em all in Guantanamo
Bush to Barack, lock ’em up and ship ’em off to a rock
We don’t need ’em to strip down freedom

*Read my lips. No new taxes. I didn’t have sex with that woman, Monica Lewinski. I smoked but I didn’t inhale. Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction and ties to Al-Qaeda. Obama, when he first started to run, he was going to be out of Iraq. As soon as he became president he was going to start bringing soldiers home. Now they won’t be out for 16 months. So it really doesn’t look like it’s going to change. When people lose everything and they have nothing to lose, they lose it. You’re gonna see off with their heads. People are one job away from losing everything. We’re seeing more and more people being laid off. People are stretched to the limits. There’s going to be another revolution in this country.*

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