Diorama – Polaroids Lyrics

This is it!

We’re marching on like there is nothing wrong
Gazing ahead from night-time into day
Conceding how we’ve never set foot on
The path we share

This is it!

Whatever I felt back
Then I want to feel it again
The empire strikes back wherever it can
Keep your hands off our happy routine

We co-design the madness that we serve
And everything has got to be in tune
Goodbye my love, I’m busy having fun


This is it!

Please give me more of whatever it is that you’ve given me
Polaroids fade and we bury alive our memory

This is it!

There is no pressure you deserve all the love but it’s killing me
Don’t cut the leash even though it’s too late it will always be

This is it!

Our happy routine
Our happy routine
Our happy routine

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