Illogic – Ascot Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I don't believe in nothing I can't dream about
Deemed a monument to scenic routes
Here’s a drought you can't refuse
Hope the tide will even out so you can stay afloat
Can't decide handheld or shoulder mount to limit the amount of camera shake
The footage of my vision needs to stabilize and so I had to wait
To render in 4K takes a minute or sixty for the nifty resolution
Spiffy in evolution
Revolution in HD, justice in IMAX
Keep that in a box, but if the chicken ain’t cage-free he blows top
Something in the way the pen strokes the ego
Here’s an ascot for the mascot of the emo
Last watch for the cash crop of the people
Dignity on the laptop looking evil
That's not a laugh stock for the regal
Lethal with the cash box, I see you

[Verse 2]
We simplify the broken sky response

Spin indigenous
And from this moment on those who spawned the mediocre will provoke a calm that only means a storm is coming soon
A head on collision of sun and moon
Around here no pretending, just bending spoons
We swoon for the beat breaks
Bottle lightning and thunder as a keepsake
The metronome is the sound that your knees make when your knees quake
I build and destroy with coffee sips and handshakes
From this date in history we mandate that success is only achieved if you invest in self
No longer will the best be shelved
And the work that you put in will directly affect the dynamics of how we calculate wealth
There's health in radio silence
My vibe is “Cape from Maceo”
Try this standing vertical and suffer from vertigo
A steady pace, no moving slow
So now you know, back to the show

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