Nardo Wick – I Be Chillin Lyrics

Ion really too much f*ck wit niggas I be chillin’
Checkin shit and doin hits that how we make a killin
I put it on my granny we sent niggas past the ceiling
Nigga you was stealing I was robbing, its a difference
She feeling on my lap she like “Damn daddy you hard”
No baby you trippin thats that glicky in my [?]
Everytime I take attendance on they block they absent

This choppa hit from Russia when i shoot you hear the accent
LRG and Levi jeans, was rocking that way back then
Now I rock Amiri jeans I upgraded my fashion
Mut, I’m a mut, I’m a mut mut (Dog)
She grope me up wit sloppy she a slut slut
Not a plain jane this a bust bust

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