Omarion – I Ain’t Even Done Lyrics (feat. Ghostface Killah)

[Intro: Ghostface Killah]
Yo, I know I ain’t buggin’ and shit
Ayy, yo, O, what up?
This joint right here sound like
Batman just got poisoned or somethin’ by his old lady
Somethin’ like that, you know
Word up
You ready? Tell ‘em

[Verse 1: Omarion]
All the fightin’ and the fussin’
The back and forth discussion
I just wanna get it done
If it’s a technicality
It’s probably over salary
And I just wanna get it done
From the minute of commitment
When you started actin’ different
Yeah, this shit here probably done
Just because a nigga slowed up
Hold up, I ain’t even done

[Verse 2: Omarion]
Fly nigga, don’t play around, huh
I’m way up, Space Mountain
Aventador, head down
My money talk, say it loud, uh
Hallelujah, praise thе Lord, uh
To lose a blessin’, I can’t afford it
The wrong dirеction where you goin’
And if she throw it, then I’m Terrell Owens
You niggas snitchin’, I’m tellin’ Kobe
But I’m the greatest, you niggas know it
Master kush, god flow
My Bape shit, cango
Vaycay, Cabo
My main chick, model, uh
Her head game, hancho, uh
Enough talk, cut the convo

[Chorus: Omarion & Ghostface Killah]
Oh, well, well
I ain’t even done
Oh, well, well
I ain’t even done (Yeah)

[Verse 3: Ghostface Killah]
Yo, big Ghost, long blade
For fake niggas throwin’ shade
Big shovel, your grave
Black suits, bow your head, nigga, let’s pray
Listen, I ain’t even done
Mama got a lot of napkins
And it’s all over rappin’
Fake niggas scrappin’
My little handgun will make ’em do a backspin
One hundred hours for the Floyd fight
He better knock a nigga out tonight (Knock him out)
‘Cause if not, I’ma take flight
I paid the cable, nigga, you gon’ pay the lights
Yeah, bitch niggas talk a lot of noise
Phat track keep runnin’ like it’s on ‘roids
New yacht flow, never on void
Goldie Hawn shit, you goin’ overboard

[Chorus: Omarion]
Oh, well, well
I ain’t even done
Oh, well, well
I ain’t even done

[Verse 4: Omarion]
Buenos noche, uh
Shades off, Dolce, huh
Bronco, OJ, uh
Dead broke, no way
Ma dukes, Foshay uh
Big house, no lake
Ocean, no Frank
Maybach, rosé
I clean house, no maid
Mow the lawn, Jose
Hot nigga, no shade
Beach bum, no waves

[Outro: Omarion]
No waves
No waves, nigga
There ain’t no f*ckin’ waves, boy
You tryna swim and shit
I don’t understand you niggas
Nigga, beach bum ass niggas ain’t got no waves
Your swag is low

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