Waste Of Aces – Apocalypse Lyrics

Apocalypse [x100]

“I mean, I’ve seen the movies, Omega Man and that Twilight Zone with a youthful Burgess Meredith; who works at the bank and likes to read, and then his glasses break, like, well, those guys except for the reading part and unlike Charlton Heston I’m not into the dark stuff. I get up and go to work every morning, I think it’s important to have a routine; I was a “systems analyst”, but business has been slow since the Apocalypse. Well, I think it’s important that as the last man on earth, that I should have a purpose and… eh, I’m a firefighter now that… that there’s a lot of out of control fires still burning. Socially I’ve always had a difficult time meeting new people and now well as you could imagine it’s even more difficult, it’s ironic because as probably the last male on earth, should have no problem meeting women but, they’re all dead; so it’s either the hand or necrophilia. Hobbies? Well, I don’t have as many as I used to, I like to people watch quite a bit but it isn’t as interesting anymore, window shopping isn’t quite as fun since you can just take everything. I like sporting events and concerts and such, but pretty much now I just look for celebrity corpses. The future? Well… in spite of everything, I’m hopeful, I mean mankind kind of did a lot terrible things to our planet and, the environment and maybe now Mother Nature will have a chance to heal herself. As far as myself? I know I’m the hope of the human race, but… I’m not going to let it get to my head.”

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